Photo for id, passport, drivers licence m.m.

Get your photo taken in one of our stores, or send in your own picture

We take photos for ID cards, visas, driving licenses, taxi cards, färdtjänst, foreign passports, CV photos, photos for linkedin and much more. In our stores, you have paper copies of the photos in your hand, or a digital file, ready in a few minutes. No appointment required. Prices from 299 SEK.

If you want to submit your own image, you can do that at the bottom of this page.

We produce photos of the following types:

  • ID card
  • Visa
  • Drivers licence
  • Taxi licence
  • Färdtjänst
  • Foreign passports
  • CV-foto
  • Hunters licence
  • Parking permit
  • Bus travelling card
  • Train travel card
  • Linkedin
Photography & paper photos
- Photography
- Paper photos
- Dropin
- Ready while you wait
Photography & digital file
- Photography
- Digital file in e-mail
- Dropin
- Ready while you wait
Add ons
50:- /each
- Paper photos
- Extra sheet of photos
- Digital file in e-mail

The prices for sending in your own image is found at the bottom of this page.

Swedish id card and national id card

Photo to use for swedish passport and national id card, you have to take at the police when you file the application. Photo for the swedish id card, you get at Skatteverket. Follow the links below for more information about passport and id card.

Drivers licence, färdtjänst, taxi licence

We are happy to help you with photos for swedish driving licenses and taxi licenses. Welcome into our stores or send in your own picture. For photo for färdtjänst, the rules may differ slightly between different regions, but normally it is enough with a photo the right size, with good quality and where the face is well visible. If you want to know more about the rules for photos for swedish driving licenses, follow the link below.

Photo for visa & foregin passports

We take valid photos for visas and foreign passports. As the rules are subject to change without notice, please feel free to check what applies to the visa or passport photos you need. We are of course happy to help you in store.

Photo for CV, Linkedin and misc.

Do you need a new photo for your CV, Linkedin, parking permit, hunting license, EU dog passport, bus card, train card or social media? We’ll arrange it for you. Welcome in to our stores, or send in your own picture below.

take your own photo

You can take the picture yourself, and send it to us for size customization so that it meets the size requirements for the type of picture you need. You can bring your own picture into one of our stores, or send in your own picture here on the website. In our stores, you can also let us photograph you for the best results. Should your photos not be validated, you will of course receive new photos or your money back.

  • Light uniform background (or according to specs)
  • Even lighting without shadows
  • Look straight into the camera
  • Both shoulders completely included in the photo
  • Fully visible face & eyes
  • Neutral expression
  • Avoid dark glasses & headgear
  • Avoid reflections in glasses, rather take them off
Paper images
- Size customization of image
- Photo sheet
- Postage
Digital fil
- Size customization of image
- Digital file
- Delivery via e-mail
Paper images & digital file
- Size customization of image
- Photo sheet & digital file
- Postage